Trip Styler is a travel lifestyle publication whisking you away to close-by and far-off lands. As travel curators, we put the world's hottest destinations through our design-focused lens and create hotel, restaurant and fashion guides for your style-soaked life. Think of Trip Styler as the beach readminus the smutyou can't put down, and pop into your bag every time you travel.

Come fly with us.

Trish chose an unlikely profession given her fear of flying and propensity toward car, air, boat, train and chairlift sickness. Thanks to Gravol, Sea-Bands and the soothing sound of Norah Jones, the reluctantyet enthusiasticjetsetter packs her bag once every two weeks to swim with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef, sample the latest libation in Portland, shop in NYC, ski atop Canada's peaks, sun-seek in Southeast Asia, or lend a hand with international aid projects with her entourage: a MacBook Air, an Olympus digi-cam and the biggest carry-on she can fit on the plane.

The Internet has revolutionized travel and Trish was thrilled to use her marketing background to turn her play into her passion when launched in 2009. Having researched and booked thousands of trips online over the past decade, Trish is a trend-spotter, curator and must-have travel resource, called-upon by international brands such as Expedia, Fodor's, NET-A-PORTER, Jetsetter, Luxury Retreats, and Air Transat as a spokesperson, TV travel expert, writer and guest editor.

Trish unpacks her suitcase in Vancouver, BC, where she lives with her husband-BFF-navigator, Mr. Trip Styler, her traveling tot, Baby Styler, and her dog, @MrNachoking {whom she’d take around the world if she could fit him under her seat}.

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Assistant Wayfarer
With a passion for style and a penchant for words, Heather literally and figuratively wears many hats as a writer, editor, stylist and television and video producer. As the unofficial authority to everyone she knows on where to go and what to eat/see/do/wear, she's constantly scouring the web and the streets for whatever's next. And when she’s not feeding her insatiable case of wanderlust, Heather is probably scouting out the meanest macchiato, tastiest taco and smartest shops in her hometown of Vancouver, BC. When she's not Trip Styling, she talks about life and style on, and on social media as @heatherlovesit.


Global Experts
Here at the Trip Styler HQ, we're lucky enough to have a crew of clever friendsLeah, Lauren, Nicole and Kerynwho are also experts in their field. Connoisseurs in travel health, travel beauty, global music and traveling with tots, their know-how has helped shape Trip Styler's content. 


What is a trip style?
Variety is the spice of life, mais oui? A trip style is how a person chooses to travel on a given trip, and most travelers have a range. There are probably as many trips styles as there are travelers, however, we've distilled them down to 10 distinct categories creating a searchable database for trip inspiration! Whether you choose a trip style like adventure, spa, beach, urban, luxury or glamping, you'll will a ton of time- and money-saving shortcuts, as well as stylish suggestions for what to see, do and eat within each category to make the absolute most of your trip.

What camera do you shoot with?
I travel with a rotation of three featherweight cameras: my iPhone, my Canon PowerShot and my Olympus E-PL1 Interchangeable-Lens Digital Camera. My iPhone is with me at all times because I love in-the-moment iPhoneography and the option to upload my standout snaps to social media. My Canonthe most recent addition to my collectionis small enough to fit in my purse, 16 mega pixels and ideal for snapping incognito. In a perfect world, I’d shoot with my Olympus at all times, but I tend to save it for those travel WOW moments like riding a camel at sunset in Morocco, looking down from the 124th floor observation deck in Dubai's Burj Khalifa or snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies.

Who watches your dog, Mr. Nacho King, when you're away?
Mr. Nacho King hangs out in as many hotels as he canhe's a sucker for front desk staff who shower him with treatsbut when the lure of the far-flung beckons, he allows his trip styling parents to roam sans leash, and shacks up with his entourage.

You only travel with a carry-on?
My husband's luggage was lost on the way there AND back from our honeymoon. This incident forced me to turn my throw-everything-in, multi-suitcase packing method into a tighter and edited format. And, traveling light allows me to spend time digging into my destination instead of waiting for my bags, unpacking and repacking a massive suitcase, or depending on bell staff to lug my trunk. In four years of Trip Styling I've had to check my bag twice, once for a bottle of Grey Goose {long story}, and another time because the carry-on limit was a measly 5 pounds.

Shoes take up SO room in my bag! How can I minimize my footwear options?
Selecting a travel wardrobe within a color scheme helps to reduce the need for ‘sole searching.’ Also look to trends to inform what you put on your feet. For example, low-heel booties or flats can be worn from morning to midnight. And don’t forget wear-everywhere sneakers, sleek enough to sport with pants or a skirt, and comfortable enough to wear to the gym.

How do I look stylish on the road?
First, you MUST read our JetSet Style series {formerly Fashion Friday}. Second, study your closet and create a list of garments that make you feel fabulous. Edit this list for your trip style and pack clothes that keep their shape while you wander. And always invest in a great jacket. When in doubt, peruse our celebrity airport photos on Pinterest. Word to the wise: There’s a reason stars wear hats, sunglasses and scarvesthey hide jet lag and look chic 24/7.

How do you sleep on a plane?
I have a hard time sleeping on planes. Since I've tried every on-the-go sleeping method, here's what actually works: drown out outside noise via my SONY noise-canceling earbuds playing Norah Jones or my 3M foam earplugs {they cost $1 and work like a charm}. Comfort is key; wear something with give. Finally, don’t force it. Reading is an excellent tiredness gauge. If your eyes close mid-sentence, it’s time to pop a Melatonin and count sheep.

Destination you'd return to again and again?
Paris. Audrey Hepburn once said, "Paris is always a good idea" and I agree. Bonaire, too. Part of my heart and soul are swimming in Lac Bay, a hot-tub-warm, waist-deep lagoon.

What are your favorite restaurants in Vancouver?
Coffee Shops: Beacoup Bakery & Cafe, Le Marche St. George
Breakfast: Nelson the Seagull, Cafe Medina
Lunch: Meat & Bread, Save On Meats Diner
Dinner: Burdock & Co, L'Abattoir, Bestie
Drinks: The Diamond, Pourhouse, 33 Acres Brewing Co.

What are your ideal Vancouver to-dos?
Hiking the Grouse Grind {spring, summer, fall}, snowshoeing at Dog Mountain {winter}, stand-up paddleboarding at Jericho Beach {summer} or visiting the Rennie Gallery's latest collection or the Vancouver Art Gallery's latest show.

What are your favorite shops?
I'm a big fan of vintage finds and picking up key wardrobe pieces abroad. Since I started Trip Styling and wearing the gorgeous goods I found during my travels, I received so much fabulous feedback, I began buying small sets of items and selling them in Trip Styler's store. When I'm in Vancouver, I shop at Oliver and Lilly's, Vincent Park and Aritzia.