Baby Styler

[trip style = any]

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A few weeks ago, the stork delivered Baby Styler to my doorstep. Instead of arriving for his flight on time, he was wooed by the airport's duty-free boutique, stopped in for a virgin cocktail in the lounge and THEN sauntered to his gate {he's pretty small, he can't crawl that fast}. Needless to say, he didn't catch his plane on the day he was due to arrive, and the only flight headed to his final destination left 11 days later. He was fashionably late. 

A lot of people have asked me if Trip Styler will change now that Baby Styler's in the picture. Mostly, things will stay the same. I'm not going to add trip style = family to the above list of trip types because besides {not yet} taking Baby Styler to the spathe wonders of which he'll soak in one dayI want him to experience the joys of glamping, the energy of urban travel, the warmth of beach breaks and the thrill of adventure. 

We'll stay at the same styled hotels, most of which allow kids, anyway. Case in point: As I plan a trip to California for our newly minted family of three {four with Dog Styler, but, sadly, he doesn't fly well}, I'm eyeing the Ace Hotel Los Angeles and the Parker Palm Springs, which both have a cool scene and such destination-worthy restaurants and lounges you don't need to go offsite to find good food, cocktails and conversation. {Sounds like my kind of "family-friendly."}

Baby Styler will come on many TS trips, and, once in a while, I may talk about this, but Trip Styler will maintain its MO as a travel lifestyle publication delivering trip style tips to aspiring jetsetters {of all ages}.

 PS. Since I chose not to broadcast being pregnant on Trip Styler, most of the photos posted on TS over the past nine months were taken from strategic angles as my belly grew. Next week I'll follow up with a few of the less strategic snaps from the Oregon Coast to Kuala Lumpur. 

[photo by @tripstyler]