Stuck in the Airport? Good iPod Game

Dear @nickbilton @bryce @arainert, sorry if I just shattered your leaderboard aspirations... With all the delayed flights in Europe, I suspect more than the usual amount of people will be stranded or delayed this holiday season.  It's a thought that makes me sick --especially after having it experienced it myself.

Other than reading books and magazines, listening to music/podcasts, eating and cat-napping,  I enjoy passing travel time & delays with my fave games for my ipod touch.  Yes, I have a touch because I am currently a blackberry user.

Although playing flight control while you travel may seem a little ironic or ominous, it is one of very few games that can hold my attention.  The objective is to land planes and helicopters--travelling at different speeds and coming from every direction--on a series of different runways.

Happy Landings.