Fashion Friday :: Airport Style

One of my favourite guilty pleasures is's airport style photo gallery. There's something about celebrities in airports...Stars - they're just like us. Except they usually look fantastic (no Juicy velour or baggy sweats to be found, unlike their fellow travelers). There may not be paparazzi waiting for you in Arrivals, but everyone can look "camera ready" without sacrificing style for comfort. But please remember: no one can measure up to the Singapore Airlines flight attendants strutting through the concourse. It's just not possible. Accept it.

On your body
The name of the game is layers. Your plane could be chilly or warm, and the temperature may vary between your departure and arrival cities. Start with a tank or light tee and leggings, and build from there. Pop on a dress or skirt and add a sweater and light jacket. Bonus: if your luggage gets lost, you have an extra outfit. Also, avoid jeans on long flights, unless they're super stretchy, in which case they're really just jeggings, which is an embarrassing word to say out loud.

In your hands
Push the limits on "personal item" size. Stay within carry-on limits or make sure your bag is pliable in case you get questioned. Stuff a smaller option in your luggage so you're not stuck with a big handbag for your whole trip. Slipping your laptop directly into your purse saves you a piece of carry-on luggage, so invest in a laptop sleeve. Finally, bring a colourful passport holder to lessen the likelihood of losing your most precious travel document.

On your feet
Wear your bulkiest footwear (ie. boots) through the airport and pack a pair of washable slippers for the flight, or wear a pair of Toms the whole way (they're as comfortable as slippers, but no one looks at you like you're doing something socially awkward). And don't forget to wear socks to avoid walking barefoot through security!

Trip Styler Tip: A scarf is your travel BFF. Wear it through the terminal and use it as a pillow or blanket on your flight. And if you're bringing a hat on the plane, wear or carry it to avoid it losing its shape in your luggage.

Now what to wear? (clockwise from top left)
Cath Kidston holiday bag, James Perse men's lightweight fleece sweatshirt, Nordstrom travel ballet slipper, Toms classic canvas slip-on, Nordstrom tissue weight cashmere wrap, Wilfred Free wrap jacket, Topshop leather leopard passport holder, American Apparel piqué dolman sleeve dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs pretty printed computer sleeve,  Burberry shimmer check travel slippers, Levi's trucker jacket, Ted Baker men's ausky plaid slippers, Talula rose leggings, TNA wool pant, James Perse ribbed daily tank, Mossimo women's knit layering top

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