Travel iphone Apps :: Kayak First Class Flight Search

kayak first class/pro[trip style = luxury] iPhone apps are revolutionizing travel.  If only hotels would rise to the challenge and make wireless free. I get that it's a cost center, but if I have two hotel options and one has wireless, I'd for sure book the property offering free wireless.

The most recent iPhone/iTouch travel app to make drool is Kayak First Class Flight (now called Kayak Pro) Search! It used to be $3.99 and now it's been reduced to $1.99, which Kayak is hoping won't be a barrier to entry if the individual can afford the first-class fare anyway. Either way, it's nice to have all the functionality of their free app, plus the added benefit of searching only business or first-class fares.


  • you can exclusively search business and first-class airfare
  • has all the same functionality as the FREE Kayak App (in kayak's words "it can also search for economy fares when you feel like mingling with us commoners.")
  • book online with hotel or airline site you wish to reserve
  • OR, call and talk to a human
  • the app will even show you hotels that you can't book online