Fashion Friday :: Cabin Fever

Let's get one thing out of the way first: cottage vs. cabin - which is it? Well, like a good rap rivalry, it depends on whether you're East Coast or West Coast. Prairie folk, poor things, are stuck in the middle of it all, which basically makes them Switzerland, in which case they must call their summer places chalets, right? Joking and semantics aside, let's get down to the brass tacks of cabin fashion.

Cottage style isn't just denim cut-offs and tank tops anymore. But above all, it's about comfort and when you're not in your swimsuit, there's nothing better than a cozy, oversized sweater at the cabin. But what to wear when your lake- or ocean-side neighbours come by for evening drinks on the deck? A shirt dress is easy, comfortable and a key look for fall, so get a head start. Guys, stick to well-made basics like vintage t's, worn-in denim or chambray and your good ol' alma mater sweatshirt. Just don't forget the bug spray...

Now what to bring? Men (from top left) The Real McCoy's x Champion USA t-shirts, MLB LA Dodgers baseball hat, The Real McCoy's joe mccoy bandana, Mosley Tribes merchant sunglasses, Rainbow leather sandals, Levi's 511 denim cut-off shorts

Women (clockwise from top centre) Motel celeste long line shirt dress, Rebecca Taylor stripe pullover, Billy Reid yvonne dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs racer back stripe  belted swimsuit, Minnetonka deerskin driving moc, Blank Denim classique cut-off shorts, Oliver Peoples j gold sunglasses, J.Crew saturday pant

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[Top photos via The Globe and Mail and Old Chum]