London's Calling

[trip style = luxury + urban]

I spy with my little eye, something that is:
  • white, red and splashy;
  • has a sleek, purple-lit interior;
  • serves an in-air welcome cocktail, wine or beer; a full meal; dessert service with coffee, tea and hot chocolate; a movie snack AND afternoon tea.

Big news. Reach London in style without paying insane business class fares via Air Canada or British Airways. Hint hint, this airline's economy is similar to most airlines' business class. Virgin Atlantic will be flying into Vancouver from London Heathrow four times weekly, and seasonal lift-off is expected between May 24 to Oct 27.

Virgin CEO Steve Ridgway noted that Vancouver is a market Virgin has been eyeing for years, and hinted they are already anticipating building the service with more frequent flights as well as yearly service.

Grab your Mulberry bag, your Burberry trench and get ready to jetset with a little more class than your usual middle-of-the-road transatlantic flights. Cheerio!

Fast Facts
  • The service will be operated by an Airbus A340-300, configured with 34 upper class suites, 35 premium economy seats and 171 economy seats
  • Flight times: Depart London at 1pm, arrive Vancouver 3.10pm. Depart Vancouver 7.50pm and arrive the next day at 1.45pm
  • Flight days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Vancouver is the only Canadian city on Virgin Atlantic's roster

Book it Virgin Atlantic's flight between London and Vancouver is now available for booking!

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