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My first trip to Disney was in grade four. At the time, frosted malts, jawbreakers and cokes held royalty roles in my food and beverage hierarchy {my parents made sure I  ate pretty healthfully, so vacations meant I got to eat sweets every.single.day}. Thankfully, my palate has ripened with age.

Enter a more decadent Disney, one where I join celeb chefs, attend food and wine seminars, and sample canapes and cocktails from around the world at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. And in true Disney form---they don’t do anything without Tinkerbell's magic touch---the festival isn’t just a weekend or week-long nosh-fest, rather a 46-day foray into everything food and beverage.

The cherry on top of my tasting weekend was BY FAR the only-in-Disney novelty of eating Polish kielbasa and pierogi at the foot of a gondola in Italy, or drinking Florida's own Key Lime Wine beside a pagoda in Japan. Twenty years later, I'd say my tastes have come a long way since malts and cokes.

Some of my recommended bites and sips from this year's festival include: - chocolate ganache waffles from Belgium - kimchi dog with spicy mustard sauce from South Korea {Mr Trip Styler's fave} - warm chocolate pudding topped in Bailey's custard from Ireland - spicy tuna and salmon hand roll from Japan - Xingu Black Beer from Brazil - Key Lime Wine from Florida

Trip Styler Tip :: In a few days, look for more information about the festival in my post on the Expedia Viewfinder Travel Blog.

How It Works - The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival takes place every year from late September to November; this year it runs Sept 27 - Nov 11. - Three dozen countries have booths scattered throughout Epcot's World Showcase. Each serves food and bev native to the country. Items range from $2.50 to about $10. - If you want get a taste of the food fest, simply buy an Epcot park pass and browse the stalls and festival center. If you want the full meal deal---ie: seminars, demos, evening galas and celeb chef meet and greets---specific events require a festival pass. To give you sense of cost, a culinary demo or wine seminar would be $14 + an Epcot park pass.

What To Know - Visit in the morning to sail through the stalls and avoid lines. Food kiosks open at 11am, so start with a croissant and a mimosa from 9am at the Parisian Bakery. - Weekdays see the fewer crowds, especially in the morning. - If you aren't used to Florida's heat, take frequent breaks in the shade and drink a TON of water. - Due to Walt Disney World's scale, stay close to the event for quick in-and-out access. The BoardWalk Inn is one of the closest hotels to Epcot.

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trip styler epcot food and wine

sushi in Japan

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moet in france epcot food and wine

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[photos by @tripstyler taken as a guest of Walter E. Disney]