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[trip style = urban + sightseeing]

I'm obsessed with croissants. I chalk this up to a longing in my heart {and stomach} for Paris. Paris is always a good idea, non? When I can't jet over to the City of Lights for a cafe au lait and croissant, I visit Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe, a recently-opened Vancouver bakery that turns pastries into poetry. Beaucoup and owner Jackie Ellis have a tight connection with France. After running her own design firm for several years, she closed up shop and set off for Paris to study pastry making at École Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil, and taste her way through Europe---for research purposes, of course! Cue blockbuster movie-in-the-making...

Just a few months after the Beacoup's opening, Jackie visited Paris encore {check out her snaps on Instagram} to take more courses and fill her foodie list to the fulleth by grazing markets, cafes and patisseries, as well as donning her finest duds at the fanciest Michelin-starred restaurants in town. With this, we're pleased as pie to welcome our latest Savvy Traveler, Jackie!

1/ Pick your top trip styles
[trip style = urban + sightseeing] I love discovering the history and local lifestyle of a new city through its cuisine and markets.

2/ The destination that stole your heart and why
Paris. I spent months there studying pastries and during that time, the city helped me to discover who I was and taught me to be passionate about life.

3/ Your favorite food abroad
This is an impossible question to ask a foodie! Right now, I have to say it is the Millefeuille Praliné at Pierre Hermé in Paris. I dream of it! It is a classic French pastry with layered caramelized pastry and cream. I love that it’s simple, and when beautifully done, the perfect contrast of textures and flavors.

4/ I can't travel without...
- A beautiful Maxmara or Dries Van Noten dress
- Music on my iPhone {I'm an old-school music girl. Right now I'm digging The Stones, Stevie Wonder, Etta James, The Beatles, Neil Young, Queen, Steve Earle, early Elton and Nick Drake.}
- Lots of restaurant reservations
- A dining guide like the Michelin Guide, Zagat or Gambero Rosso
- Twitter and Instagram to capture cuisine

Trip Styler Tip: If there are restaurant reservations you MUST have, make them before you leave so you aren't disappointed.

5/ Last trip
An inspiration trip to Paris. I toured pastry shops and restaurants for the latest food trends, taking a course on breads with an *M.O.F. boulangiere as well as a petit gateaux class to research new products for Beaucoup. I am always looking to taste the most outstanding food as a way to compare and challenge myself to create at the same level. I find traveling centers and focuses my creativity and passion. For me, inspiration comes from exploring the nuances of daily life in a city.

*The art of baking bread is so respected in France, the government awards a designation to the very best practitioners called Meilleur Ouvrier de France, given at the end of a grueling, three-day examination some bakers train for years to score a good grade.

6/ Destination on your radar

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[photo of Jackie from @BeaucoupBakery by @collectiveyou wearing @blush_bridal]