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Fashion Friday posts are published on the last Friday of every month and written by fashion blogger Heather.

There's a reason "tacky tourist" is a popular Halloween costume - throw a coin on your next vacation and you'll probably hit one. It's fun to make fun of tourists in their Merrells and money belts, but tourists can also provide inspiration, or rather anti-inspiration. Similar to how I like to "live like the locals" when I visit a new city, I also like to dress like them. And these days, if you want to know how the stylish locals of the world present themselves, you have to consult street style websites. Whether you're looking for the sartorial flavour of your next destination, or you're just looking for inspiration, let's "peep" at the international style featured on Street Peeper {one of our globetrotting editor's favourite sites}.

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[Photos by Street Peeper, collages by Heather]