Travel Staple :: The White Shirt

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The white shirt and travel meet very seldom. If fact, they are kind of estranged. Like two people living on different sides of the river, they want to be friends, but they're scared what their peers or parents might think of a relationship. We know how the rest of the story goes...

White shirt, meet travel. Tide Pen, meet white shirt.

The white shirt is timeless. The white shirt is unisex. The white shirt works in the morn, aft and eve. The white shirt goes with any trip style's ensembles. Contrary to popular belief, the white shirt SHOULD circumnavigate the globe; it should sip champagne atop the Eiffel Tower; it should play in the sun on Bondi beach; it should go shopping in NYC. After all, there's a reason 99.9% of hotel linens are white. White is easy to wash and easy to bleach, and for this reason is becoming a staple in my travel wardrobe, even after labor day!

How To Wear The White Shirt {for guys 'n gals}
  • The close-fitting V- or crew-neck: great for any trip style where you won't get too hot or sweaty. Can be dressed up or down with ease and the right accessories. James Dean; need I say more?
  • The loose T: good for travel days {who wants a tight top on the plane}, and versatile enough for a trip style = weekend morning, or a night on the town with dressy bottoms.
  • The blouse {women}/The button-up {men}: best for day or evening wear {or even worn as a bathing suit cover-up}.

A Few White Garment Travel Caveats The White Blazer The white blazer has been a fashion staple for a while {mentioned in our recently published Airport Style Trends}, and I love it, but if you bring it on the road, make sure your trip style allows for a trip to the dry cleaner, or your wallet allows for a $40 hotel laundry bill. The thicker fabric used in blazers can be tricky to DIY spot-clean in your hotel room.

White Pants White pants look nice, until you sit on a chocolate chip or craisin leftover from your morning scone. If you're set on bringing white pants, bring them as an accent piece versus an everyday staple. Once you sit in seven consecutive chairs, you realize the world is a little dirty.

For the record, I like white Ts from American Apparel and blouses from Equipment.

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