Healthy On The Road :: Finding Time To Work Out When Traveling With Kids

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Editor's Note :: Today's post is a hybrid between Healthy On The Road and KinderHop.

Fitting in that daily workout while on vacation {with or without kids} always requires some planning and forethought---talents we tend to leave at home when we’re footloose and fancy free. Yet when traveling with our kiddies in tow, organisation becomes the name of the game.

A Plan I think our munchkins need breathers from the hustle and bustle of daily life as much as we do, however, there are parts of their daily routine that must remain, or, let’s be honest, no one’s relaxing! My son’s need for routine has turned out to be a real gift to me, the non-planner. Case in point, when it comes to keeping our children happy and occupied, even the most relaxed parent has some sort of family vacation plan.

A Challenge Parents: I challenge you to treat your trip's parenting plan as a scaffolding of sorts, and on your next trip, build on it to construct your health and fitness routine. Ever since I started building my exercise into my son's routine---versus compartmentalizing the two (which is more doable at home)---I have a much easier time staying on top of my travel fitness than I did pre-parenthood.

An Example Plan: Family pool time // Daily Fitness Routine: Your 30-min Workout Pools are perfect places to meet everyone’s needs {provided the water comes higher than your ankle}. 1/ Be intentional about fitting in a cumulative 30 minutes---ideally in 10 min bouts---of heart-pumping exercise {you should be able to talk, but in breathy sentences}. 2/ Do a mini water circuit and get the kids involved. For example, one of your stations might be treading water while towing a tot on their floatie x4 widths of the pool, or running/racing in the shallow end with your older kids.

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[photo by @tripstyler taken in Acapulco, Mexico]