GG in AZ

[trip style = weekend getaway + sun]

{Editor's Note :: Over the next month we're going to feature one of our favourite trip style = sun destinations: Phoenix/Scottsdale. Select hotels will be featured in Roam+Board, special mentions in IMG_FRI and features in destination Spotlights. Enjoy!}

Girls' getaways rock; the name, not so much. If men have the mighty mancation, can ladies have shecations? I'd use shetreat, but that's just wrong. Whatever we want to call them, they don't happen often enough, which is easy to say when you're in the moment. Suddenly you realize that a change of scene + a change of environment + good friends = something you should do more often. It's no wonder future vacations are planned while on vacation!

On Friday some TS contributors and I pulled a damsel departure and flew South for a trip style = {extended} weekend getaway. Right now I'm in Scottsdale drinking wine on my balcony after a day scaling 1.5-billion-year-old boulders up Camelback Mountain, followed by bathing suit bliss in the 25 degree+ Celcius sun---not a cloud in sight.

GG in AZ Itinerary

Grab the gals, plan and do a gals' getaway. Finding the time is the biggest hurdle {aside from finances, but there's always trip style = camping}. If you go to AZ, direct flights into Phoenix from Vancouver cost approximately $400 return, year round with US Airways and WestJet.

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[photos by @tripstyler taken while as a guest of Scottsdale and Pheonix CVBs]