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Meet Charlene Swanson and Garcy Fry, the natural duo behind luxury online eco-boutique Eco Diva Beauty. Spreading the word about pure, effective, sustainable beauty products is this mother-daughter pair's mission, but that's not all. Eco Diva Beauty is trying to do something bigger: Inspire others to make positive changes in their life, starting with what they put on their skinthe largest organ in the human body! Curious what these conscious jetsetters slather on their bodies when they go afar? I chatted with Charlene and Garcy about their travel beauty secrets and dream destinations. 

What are your top destinations?
Garcy Fry: Mexico is my travel muse. It’s where I go to relax, bask in the heat and let the kids play on the beach. The people are so kind and gracious. And the foodI could live off fresh guacamole, salsa and fish tacos. Oh, and I love a margarita {or dos} on the rocks! Another locale I love is a little closer to home. Once our car broke down and we got stuck for a few days in Keromeos, a tiny town with a gazillion orchards and fruit stands in the interior of British Columbia. Ironically, it's become one of my family's magic weekend destinations for its quaint little diners, neat antique shops, picturesque parks, relaxing tube rides down the river and fresh fruit for days! 

Garcy in Mexico

Garcy in Mexico

Charlene Swanson: My all-time favorite destination is Italy. A recent quote I saw on Instagram by Giuseppe Verdi sums it up for me: "You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” To me, everything beautiful has originated from Italia {and it aligns perfectly with my innate love of luxury cars, fashion, jewelry, art, food, wine, the opera...}. My second go-to destination is what I call the sweet spot in the universe, California. North or south, it doesn’t matter; there are so many swoon-worthy locations in this state I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite. I don’t know if it’s the sunshine and the ocean, but innovation and dreams manifest there.

Charlene in London

Charlene in London

What is your travel beauty ritual? 
GF: True travel beauty is about hydration—drinking copious amounts of water, keeping your face dewy inflight and wearing an ultra-hydrating serum like May Lindstrom The Youth Dew or La Bella Figura Rainforest Hydration Treatment.

CS: On my recent excursion to California I brought One Love Organics Vitamin D Moisture Mist for on-the-go moisturizing, as well as the Tata Harper Travel Kit and La Bella Travel Serum Mood Booster {which I also use as a perfume}. And I don’t go anywhere without my W3LL PEOPLE Bio Extreme Mascara.
What are your three travel must-haves?
GF: A great pair of casual-comfy sneakers or flats. These days I’m loving Sam Edelman’s Black Becker Synthetic Croc Sneakers, a couple of scarves and at least 10 different lipsticks {for my 10 different moods}. 

CS: James Perse tees, Rag & Bone jeans and Manolo Blahnik leopard-print driving shoes {they dress up anything}!

What is your dream trip?
GF: My dream trip would be taking my family on a round-the-world tour to Australia, New Zealand, India, Africa, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Sweden, Ireland and Scotland. My in-laws did it for 10 months with my husband and his siblings when he was seven years old and they still talk about their epic journey. We're hoping to do the same for our kids when we are done having them!

CS: I'm planning on taking my dream trip soon! I would visit Spain, Portugal, France and spend a sabbatical exploring Italy to the fullest.

What are your favorite double-duty beauty products?
GF: I love Kahina’s Night Cream. I have it on my nightstand to put on my face before bed and I also use it as a hand cream. Like all of Kahina’s products, the scent is so light and divine and the texture is a whipped soufflé that leaves your skin feeling hydrated without any greasiness! I also love using W3LL People UNIVERSALIST Multi-use Colorstick and Vapour Aura Multi-Use Blush as lipstick as well as blush.

CS: I'm really sensitive to smells and don’t like anything overwhelming. I fell in love with May Lindstrom’s Jasmine Garden mist and went through a jar pretty quickly because I also used it to refresh my hair every day and night. I use Prtty Peaushun’s Skin Tight Body Lotion as a hand cream because it’s an amazing moisturizer and smells so darn good. I keep the travel size in my purse.

Interview by Lauren, Trip Styler's go-to travel beauty expert and industry insider, whose medicine cabinet contains as many products and potions as a Sephora store.

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